Freelance copywriter vs. Copywriting services

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Well, when you decide that you do need a copywriter, after giving it much thought, your search for copywriters start. But there are two sorts of copywriting source. One, you have the copywriting services, where a team of copywriters works for you. Two, you have the freelance copywriters.

Now, the question is which are better – freelance copywriters or copywriting services?

Well, there are several points which you need to understand before you make your decision in someone's favor. But it would be wise to say that I would always prefer a freelance copywriter.

To be honest, there are several reasons behind why I would choose a freelance copywriter.

One, the rates of copywriting services is rather high. They have already set their fixed working rate and you either take it or leave it. In the case of the freelance writer, you will much more flexibility. Firstly, you can get a decent freelance copywriter working at a quite nominal rate (I am not talking about the top-notch famous freelance copywriters, of course). Well, some of them do charge normal fees. Secondly, you can always negotiate with them. That's a plus point.

This leads to our second point.

Two, why would you ever want to negotiate the price? Well, it depends on the project specifications. And only a freelance copywriter can attend to the project specifications in a better way. A freelance copywriter is synonymous with better clearer communication, no doubt. This is lacking with copywriting services. Delayed communication and lack of flexibility in work is something that irks me when working with the copywriting services.

The third point is rather a bit personal.

Three, I would definitely want to know the background of the freelance copywriter before I hire him. When I am looking to create a long-term relationship with someone, I would rather want to know more about him. This is possible in the case of the freelance copywriters. But is this possible with the copywriting services? Forget it. You apply to their service and they provide you the work for a price. There is no way of knowing who the talented writer behind it is. Very sad!

So, considering the above points, I would say, between the freelance copywriters and copywriting services, I would always choose the freelance copywriters, any day of the week.

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Freelance copywriter vs. Copywriting services

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This article was published on 2010/12/25